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Japanese retailers list PS2 reprint of Shadow of the Colossus

It seems Sony is attempting to drum up interest in Team Ico's upcoming, Griffin-infused adventure, The Last Guardian, by showcasing its earlier opus to poor, unenlightened folks who missed it the first time around. The opus in question is Shadow of the Colossus, which, according to a Team ICO fan site, has been listed by a number of Japanese retailers to be reprinted and sold on February 4. Sadly, it didn't get the God of War Collection treatment -- the game's still on its original platform, the PlayStation 2.

If you were the speculatin' type, you might think that The Last Guardian would be released not too much later than this reprint, ensuring that the warm, Team ICO-esque feeling would still be fresh in everyone's minds. We're more the wait-and-see types, so we plan on waiting and, shortly after that, seeing.

[Via CVG]

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