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Motorola's shiny XT800 shows off its Android

Chris Ziegler

Could this end up being the prettiest Android device to date? We don't want to call it before we have it in our own two hands, but China Telecom's likely entrant from Motorola -- the XT800 -- is looking better than ever in these live action shots unearthed by Chinese site tgbus. What's interesting here is that Moto's reusing the font first seen on the Droid's dock standby screen for a new home screen date / time widget, but the old-school Power Control widget below it has us believing that we're looking at an older Android 2.0 build (or heck, who knows, 1.5 or 1.6). It'll apparently have a 3.7-inch WVGA display with 720p playback and, as we've mentioned before, an HDMI-out for some serious multimedia street cred. It's still unclear whether this is being thrown around internally as the Titanium, Zeppelin, or something else entirely, but whatever -- Verizon, Sprint, bring it on over, alright?

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