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Tuesday Morning Post: Best Patch Ever Edition


No, I'm serious. They finally got the LFG tool right, and they got it right in the most epic manner possible. It's easy to use. It gets you groups anywhere from instantly to 15 minutes most of the day, depending on your role. Almost everyone loves it. Even if nothing else was included in this patch, I honestly think it would be worth it. So far, Patch 3.3 is shaping up to make up for the somewhat lackluster performance of Patch 3.2 in spades. I'll be eager to see how the lore and endgame progress as the ICC unlocks (Under a month left until the next wing!).

Of course, it's not like the dungeon finder is the only amazing thing about the patch either. There's also the bear rockets. And I guess those new dungeons and raids are alright too.

In addition, Winter Veil is here. If you still need the Merrymaker title, we have a Winter Veil guide for your approval.

Above that though, I think the main attraction for most of us is running our behinds off through the random dungeons, which is all well and good, but really, don't you need a break? How about taking some time off to catch up on the latest WoW news? You'll need to anyway, since the servers will be down from 3 AM to 11 AM Pacific. As usual, we have a good list of it for you after the break.

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