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You're not dreaming: Custom portable Dreamcast is the real deal


An intrepid Sega fan going by the name Bacteria would like you to see what he's spent the last four months building: a portable Sega Dreamcast -- complete with a built-in VMU (Visual Memory Unit, should you have forgotten). Called the IntoDream, the handheld is actually comprised of some non-Sega components, specifically a 5" LCD screen for the PSone and ... a third-party N64 analog stick? The full specs are listed on his blog.

Bacteria says the rest of the buttons and innards came from a PAL Dreamcast console, and that it "was primarily made to play Quake 3 and also Unreal Tournament on the Dreamcast, and it does it very well indeed." Just not for long -- the IntoDream's six amps of battery juice powers the device for just over two hours on a single charge. Still, for such a commendable custom carry-along, you take what you can get, right?

Check out two videos -- one a making-of, the other of the IntoDream in action -- after the break. Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's not for sale.

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