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BlackBerry 8130 vs. BlackBerry 9100... fight!

Chris Ziegler

Some of us at Engadget HQ won't ever be sold on the merits of SureType over good, old-fashioned QWERTY, but there's clearly a market for it -- RIM's BlackBerry Pearl series almost singlehandedly catapulted Waterloo into the consumer market, after all, and the upcoming 9100 looks to refine the formula to a crisp, golden brown perfection. Here, we've got one of the originals -- the 8130 -- beaming proudly next to its offspring, and RIM seems to have done a commendable job updating the package in all the right ways (optical trackpad, Bold 9700-esque design elements) while carrying over most of what the old model great. And knowing these guys, you'll be able to get it in a billion colors and special edition designs -- but for now, you can have these comparo shots in any color you want, as long as it's black.

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