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Enterbrain: Wii sells 9 million in Japan, PS3 sells 4 million


Enterbrain reports that the PS3 has crossed the four million mark in Japan, selling over one million consoles in nine months for a total of 4,020,563. Though this milestone is impressive, expect the next million to go by much more rapidly, thanks to the price drop, the PS3 Slim, and, most importantly, Final Fantasy XIII.

The Wii also achieved impressive sales, but it's the Wii, so its total is a bit higher: 9,048,012 units. Many of those Wiis were likely sold to people buying New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which reached a life-to-date total of 1,401,558 copies in its second week.

While the last million sales have occurred since April in Japan, over a million Wiis were sold last month alone in the US. The difference in scale can be attributed both to the US's larger population and to the Black Friday phenomenon.

[Via Andriasang]

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