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MacUpdate bundle on sale now


MacUpdate, one of my favorite websites for keeping up on Macintosh software, has taken eleven applications and rolled them up into one convenient package they like to call the Holiday Bundle. This is the third year they are offering such a deal. Total price individually of all these programs is $446.77, but in the bundle you get them all for the low low price of $49.95.

But wait! There's more!

If you are one of the first 10,000 to buy this bundle you get three additional programs for free! That's right, absolutely free! All you have to do is be one of the first 10,000 to purchase! Call now!

Sorry. I have watched a lot of daytime television lately. I couldn't help myself.

Much has been made of the "bundle" concept by developers. Some are against, saying that losing money selling software isn't the soundest of business decisions, and some are for, claiming the exposure is a benefit since there's not a computer software version of the store Apple has for that phone they make.

Here are the bits of the bundle that got my attention:

Path Finder (retail: $39.95) - Virtually replaces the Finder on your Mac. Just the bits I saw in the promo video had me reaching for my Visa. If I get one program this great and then I also get all these others too? Sign me up!

DragThing (retail: $29) - Fantastic launcher-slash-Dock utility. It looks pretty flexible and with the different tabs and options I think this would save me time by the truckload (if you could measure time in truckloads).

Yep (retail: $39) - Document management. I have needed this for so long. If nothing else I should get this just so I can wrangle my Documents folder once and for all. Tags for files is an idea whose time has come.

Radio Gaga (retail: $39.99) - You can listen to and record LOADS of Internet radio stations. Did I say record? Oh yes. Quit missing shows you like, and time-shift them. This is TiVo for Internet radio. (Our own Brett Terpstra found it lovely)

Keep in mind there are seven other programs that are part of this bundle, and it seems like a pretty good deal just on these four. If you need to streamline your workflow, play a few games, or just want to keep in touch with your social networks, there's at least one program for that in the MacUpdate Holiday Promo. Pro Tip: Got a Mac friend or recent switcher you think could use the help? Get a bundle for them too!

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