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Massively's 2009 Winter Holiday Event Guide

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It's that time of year again -- whatever holiday you are celebrating, the denizens of your favorite MMO are sure to be celebrating it too. Whether it's Festivult in Dungeons and Dragons Online, Wintersday in Guild Wars, or the Starlight Celebration in Final Fantasy XI, the theme is the same. There are presents, some sort of sugary treats, and tons of fun. Follow along with us as we check out who's partying in your favorite MMO and what you need to do to get in on the fun.

Aion -- Solorius -- "Throughout the holiday season"
Aion's holiday event is Solorius, an event to "honor the previous year's ascended Daevas and their service to humanity." Each of the capital cities will feature a huge piano for you and your friends to play holiday masterpieces. But be warned...the full weight of a person is required to get sound, so you'll need some serious coordination and cooperation to make it sound good. Make sure to keep an eye out for Shugos clad in festive red during your travels. They'll be selling special items only available during Solorius. And finally, the famous bakers of Sanctum and Pandaemonium will have delicious seasonal treats throughout the entire festival
Champions Online -- Attack of the Misfit Toys
Lots of fun and new holiday items await Champions Online players in Attack of the Misfit Toys. Enjoy new robotic costume pieces, new action figure that you assemble as you travel the outdoor zones, and new perks that can earn you special costume upgrades. However, as you may have gathered from the title, it's not all fun and games. Black Harlequin wants in on the fun, and has taken it upon himself to give the toys in the Toymaster's shop a little upgrade. Enter Clarence, a very large, very aggressive teddy bear. Can you defeat Black Harlequin and his creations and save Millennium City?
City of Heroes -- Winter Event -- December 15th-January 5th
The Winter Event has arrived to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Just for logging in during the event you'll receive a bundle of gifts, so be sure to check your inventory. Once you're stocked up on treats, off you go to do something about Lord Winter. He's rampaging through the city, and he's pretty formidable -- you'll need to gather some friends to take him on. The usual quests and goodies are available: save Baby New Year from Snaptooth, do a little skiing, gather candy canes, and open gifts left around the city streets by Gamester. Careful, they may contain something nice, or they may contain...well, you'll see. Don't forget to dress out your characters in all the new Winter Event apparel: new badges, a naughty or nice aura, and a holiday themed enhancement set.
Dungeons and Dragons Online -- Festivult -- "Throughout the holiday season"
Festivult has arrived in Dungeons and Dragons Online, and with it comes the Jester: "I am the Jester of the Festivult! I deliver treats to all the good little adventurers in Stormreach during the Festivult season! I'm looking for copper, silver, and gold festival coins. In exchange, I'll hand you one of my magical and tasty treats!" Nobody knows who the Jester is, aside from a friend of the Coin Lords in disguise, but he's a generous fellow. All those copper, silver, and gold festival coins that have been dropping can be traded to the mysterious Jester for cookies and cakes to give you a little boost in your travels. The Jester's bag of holding also contains a few very rare, very special gifts, and you have a chance of receiving one of those as well. What these gifts are, Turbine isn't telling -- you'll have to find out for yourself, so good luck!
EVE Online -- Zephyr -- December 18th-January 6th
CCP is cutting right to the chase in EVE Online: everyone gets a present. Meet the Zephyr -- a unique, zippy little starship whose large sails rely almost completely on solar winds for propulsion. If you've got an active account, you'll find a way to redeem this gift on your login screen beginning on the 18th. Be sure you do it before January 6th, though -- after that it's not available anymore. So aside from the fact that it's free and clearly awesome to look at, what makes the Zephyr so great? "It has it's own special probe launcher (for wormholes) and Sleeper NPC's won't shoot it in the same way that all NPCs won't shoot pods."
EverQuest II -- Frostfell -- December 10th-January 7th
Norrathians are enjoying Frostfell and all that goes with it in EverQuest II. Frostfell has four significant days: Kinship Day -- A time for families and friends to spend together, celebrating and renewing bonds; Feasting Day - A shared day of feasting on all the bounty Norrathians have collected throughout the year; Gifting Day -- Everyone gives and receives presents; Frostfell Day -- The final day of celebration, spent in song (or for those races who can't be seen singing, quiet contemplation), parades, dancing, and other fun winter activities. EverQuest II has made some fun changes to Frostfell this year as well. Santa Glug will be giving gifts daily, so be sure to visit him, and look out when you throw a fruitcake at someone now, because it will give them one to throw back. There are also new holiday items to craft, a new quest, and new holiday items for sale in Frostfell village. Enjoy the returning quests, snowball fights, and decorations throughout Norrath as well.

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