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Mystery Sony "Home Information Device" unveiled by FCC, purpose kept secret

Tim Stevens

Wondering what Sony has in store for the summer of 2010? We can't tell you, but we can give you a few clues. A device called the HID-C10 "Home Information Device" has been given the full FCC once-over and, while confidentiality clauses keep the juicy bits secret, we do know that it somehow connects to a TV and that it possesses 802.11b/g wireless. Our first guess is that this is a simple WiFi adapter for Sony's internet-streaming televisions, but with a name like "Home Information Device" it could be something a bit more, possibly letting you do a little home automation on your HDTV between Modern Warfare 2 matches. It's anybody's guess, but we're inclined to believe that fiddling with thermostat settings in your home would be more exciting than hanging out at Home.

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