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Referral program launches for Champions Online

Kyle Horner

Cryptic is putting forward a referral program for Champions Online, offering all kinds of bonuses for players who successfully recruit friends and family into the game. You can read about the ins and outs of the program on its official rundown page and we've listed all the rewards after the cut, so check that out now if you're itching to find out.

Overall? The rewards represent a pretty good deal for those that can get a couple friends to pick up the game. It's definitely a good thing that Cryptic has been quick to offer incentives for players to reach out to friends they know and offer them trial. Playing with friends is always more fun than playing by your lonesome, after all.

  • Sapphire action figure to complete your collection. Both you and your recruit will receive this reward.
  • Link up with your recruit automatically in your friends list. From the list, you and your recruit can teleport to each other from nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Team up with your recruit and both of you get: 5% bonus to experience, resources and damage output.
  • You get an extra costume slot for every recruit that purchases Champions Online.
  • Bonus reward for your first convert is the Spatial Manipulator, which allows you to warp to the nearest Powerhouse.
  • For the second recruit that purchases, in addition to the costume slot, you receive the Farlong Device. This will warp you to the nearest Transport location.
  • For every recruit that subscribes, players receive 400 Cryptic Points.
  • For every two recruits that subscribe, you get 30 days of game time in addition to the points.

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