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TUAW gift guide: Griffin eXport In-Flight Video Cable


You've loaded a movie and a few episodes of "The Office" on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep you company as you fly this holiday. The only problem is that, while quite lovely, the iPhone's screen is not meant for watching The Bourne Identity in earnest. If only you could connect it to the monitor on the back of the seat in front of you.

As if they've heard your pleas, the folks at Griffin have produced the eXport In-Flight Video Cable. It connects with the in-flight entertainment system that a growing number of airlines have begun using. Once connected, you can watch video and listen to music while charging your iPhone or iPod. The cable is 3 feet long and connects with a 30-pin Dock Connector to 9-pin IFES (9-pin Mini-DIN). Just remember to enable Airplane Mode, lest an Air Marshall wrestle you to the ground.

No more suffering through 6 episodes of 30 Minute Meals! The Griffin eXport In-Flight Video Cable for iPod and iPhone costs $39.95US and makes a great gift for the frequent flyer on your list. Look here for compatible devices.

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