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Verizon's mobile broadband customers get bundled WiFi access

Chris Ziegler

Verizon's playing catch-up this week in a game some of its rivals have been playing for ages now -- the WiFi business -- by bundling access to a fairly extensive network of hotspots in the US, Canada, and Mexico with its broadband data plans. It's a double-edged sword, though, because they're not stepping up to the plate with as much conviction as AT&T and T-Mobile have; first off, Verizon's limiting the service strictly to users of its modems and MiFi boxes while the other guys have succumbed to bundling it with smartphone data packages, and secondly, it appears hell-bent on forcing connections to go through the same crapware connection management app used with its data cards. Of course, you could argue that Verizon's larger 3G footprint gives 'em less impetus to offload users to WiFi, but by the same token, they're charging more for service -- so yeah, we're gonna predict they relent at some point just as AT&T ultimately did.

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