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City of Heroes offers holiday contest

Eliot Lefebvre

It's holiday time in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, and that means it's time for players of City of Heroes to celebrate the occasion. We recently discussed the game's holiday event, which is of course how the characters in the game get to enjoy the start of the winter months. But what about the players behind the keyboard, the ones who may very well have donated to charitable causes and deserve something nice themselves this holiday season? Well, perhaps if you're blessed with a spot of luck and the spirit of the season, you could win some decorations for yourself and your environment in the game's holiday contest.

The contest has two categories, for most festive costume and most festively-decorated base, with three winners per category. Prizes include hero and villain pins, some of the limited-edition City of Heroes fifth-anniversary t-shirts, and a few other nice toys. All that's required for entry is to take two screenshots of your character's costume or your decorated base and submit them by January 3rd, which means that everyone in the game has both time an inclination to get into the spirit of things. Read the official rules for more details, and get a little something back for your superhuman antics being seasonally appropriate.

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