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Codemasters offers Lord of the Rings Online "Log In To Win"

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you're a former European Lord of the Rings Online player, you were probably looking at Turbine's recent Welcome Back Weekend offer with a bit of envy. Well, Codemasters has got you covered with something even better.

How about a week of free play? Just like Turbine, Codemasters has re-activated your account and it's and waiting for you to return to Middle-earth from December 23rd-30th. You'll also enjoy a +10% XP boost and special drops while you're in-game.

But wait, there's more! Codemasters didn't stop with a free week for returning players; they've added the Log In To Win competition for all players. Log in during the event week, answer a quick question on the site, and you have a chance at winning some great prizes. Alienware laptops, graphics cards, Siege of Mirkwood hoodies, Logitech keyboards and headsets, and Siege of Mirkwood special editions are at the top of the prize list, but aren't the only items offered. Check out the official site for a list of prizes offered, and good luck!

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