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Mega Man 10: First trailer and screens


The first trailer for Capcom's multiplatform retro revival, Mega Man 10, has given us a glimpse at all the evil, robotic things we'll be killed by over, and over, and over again. Evil robot castles! Evil robot light bulbs! Also, delightfully, the trailer includes a bit of the new soundtrack, which is as catchy and series-appropriate as that of its predecessor.

The last part of the clip gives us an idea of the scope of the new Easy Mode, which is quite a bit easier than we expected. We anticipated reduced numbers of enemies and a greater supply of health powerups, but Easy Mode actually makes the levels less complicated!

In our gallery, you can see new screenshots that hint at many of the stages we'll be challenging. There's an ice stage, a sand stage, a computery stage, a fire stage, and a ... truck stage?

Gallery: Mega Man 10 | 56 Photos

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