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Resident Evil 5's 'Desperate Escape' episode detailed

Yesterday, we learned about the cast swap that would take place in Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition's second downloadable episode, Desperate Escape. However, we had no context in which to put Jill Valentine and Josh Stone in cahoots, nor did we know what they'd be doing while cahooted. Now, thanks to an announcement from Capcom, we know: They'll be escaping. Desperately.

We'll try to share these details without dropping any spoilers: Josh encounters Jill, who has collapsed after that one fight. Together, they have to escape from the Tricell facility, pushing through wave after wave of faux-zombies in the middle of the night. They'll need to do so quickly, as they need to fulfill their important, life-saving duties to Chris and Sheva, who are simultaneously locked in battle with that one guy.

Additionally, Capcom has released some screens of the new episode, which we've posted in the gallery below. Also, the developer revealed two new costumes for Chris and Sheva in the game's Mercenaries Reunion mode: Chris gets "Heavy Metal" duds, while Sheva gets somewhat classier "Business" attire. Check them out in the videos after the jump!

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