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Vagrant Story finally coming to PSN in Europe


While most people recognize Square Enix as the company that gave us the Final Fantasy series, there are some who remember the company differently. Some remember Square as the benevolent force that gave Vagrant Story to the world back in the PSOne era. A truly unique action RPG, Vagrant Story brought together a great story and a one of a kind battle system. As such, many gamers (including Joystiq editors) have been slavering for the game to hit PSN. Japan received it earlier this year and now it looks like Europe is next in line.

Square Enix has announced that Vagrant Story will hit the PSN in PAL territories starting December 22. The game will be sold for €5.99, an absolute pittance. Let's hope the North American release isn't far behind. Considering the bizarre gaps between regional PSN releases though, we're not holding our breath.

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