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Fallen Earth offers a new exclusive item via Direct2Drive

Eliot Lefebvre

Have you still not purchased Fallen Earth? Really? I mean, come on, you've been given special items everywhere you go to buy the game, you can get a discount if you're in the military, and they've just added new social features and gambling. Heck, we even had a piece about why you ought to be playing it, remember? Did all that not convince you? Well, admittedly, all of those other items were fluff and silliness, mildly useful but not exactly overwhelming. But with the latest offer, in partnership with Direct2Drive, they've brought what every apocalyptic survivor wants: brutal efficiency.

No t-shirts for you, after all. Fashion is nice, but it's not as nice as a tool that gives a +6 boost to Scavenging skills, without taking up one of your valuable armor slots. Nor is it as nice as having a pair of Experience Boosts on-hand for any and all late-night grinding sessions you'd care to take part in. And if you'd like some backup out in the harsh wastelands, well, that's what the included Buddy Pass covers, letting you invite a friend to join you in Fallen Earth for a free 15-day trial. If all of this hasn't yet enticed you into the game through one of the more popular digital distributors out there, well, we don't know what it will take. Maybe even more hats.

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