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Rumor: Survey hints at premium PSN subscriptions


Kotaku reports that a survey from IPSOS Online Research has been sent out, gauging interest (again) in premium subscriptions to PSN. One of PSN's most-touted features has been its low price of free, so if Sony's thinking about asking for membership fees, it had better offer some extra goods, right?

Well, the survey hints at such goodies as hour-long trials for full PS3 titles, access to PSOne Classics and cross-game voice chat; the latter being a feature that PS3 gamers have been waiting on for decades but, if this survey is to be believed, would be exclusive to premium members. The survey also discusses the addition of Cloud Storage -- online space that allows users to store saved data, instead of housing it on their hard drive -- and Tokens. These Tokens would be a kind of added currency, which can then be used to redeem goods on PSN. But that's not it! It gets even crazier. The survey also adds member-exclusive programs into the mix, such as streaming Netflix without a disk and special Hulu support, as well as free access to Minis and premium themes.

The survey also details a few different subscription models, including a $69.99 yearly plan and several options for monthly fees. Hit up Kotaku for some supposed screen grabs from the survey detailing the subscription plans.

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