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Soul of the Ultimate Nation rolls out a large content patch, raises level cap


Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN) hasn't been out that long and it's already getting an injection of content!

Players of Webzen's second MMORPG will be happy to have a brand new level cap of 100 to ascend to, sockets on items so you can modify your weapons with gems, the new ability for crafters to make "elite" armor (the best armor in the game for now), and one new dungeon along with a brand new field.

The Cursed Tower is an interesting dungeon offer that starts off at level 20 and goes all the way to level 100. Each wing of the tower is specifically crafted for a certain level range. For example, the Emerald Sanctuary is tuned for players between level 20 and 40. So, no matter your level, you'll have something available to you in the Cursed Tower.

The Valley of the Dragonkin is the brand new field area, coming equipped with new quests to beat and monsters to kill. We'd say more about it, but we have this handy video of players in the Valley of the Dragonkin right after the break. So, don't listen to us, watch it for yourself by continuing to read!

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