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USA takes the gold in Atlantica Online during the Game and Game World Championship


It's not very often that we get to announce that an American player won an international gaming championship! RobinSwan from the US server of Atlantica Online went to capture the gold this year in the Game and Game World Championship (GNGWC), a collection of events focusing on different MMOs and featuring the top gamers from around the world.

Robin went to trump 16 competitors from Europe, Vietnam, North America, Korea, South America, China, Japan and Thailand to take the prize of $5,000 and the gold medal for the Atlantica Online event. Robin's winning mercenary combos included a stun-lock/DoT combination of the Musician and Shaman to close the final match against Liu from China.

We've got an exclusive Q&A with RobinSwan about his winning techniques after the break, so come along and learn some PvP tactics for Atlantica Online.

How do you set up your formation for PVP?

I used the formation I played with in my Server and it worked great for me in GNGWC. I like to run a stun formation with end-match DoT (Damage over Time), so musician main would be great for that.

What is your strategy during PVP?

What I try to do is stun; all I think about is stunning. I basically put as much stun pressure and dot pressure as I can, so that I can end up stunning and just hope for the opponent to make a mistake. And when that happens, you take advantage of that.

What item do you utilize during PVP? Such as Scrolls, potions, licenses, etc.

I utilize the Scrolls a lot. I try to put the scrolls on the mercs that the opponents aren't trying to stun, which make them alter their attacks to try to break my scroll. And when they try to break my scroll their stun pressure for a few mercs are reduce.

What gear do you use? Such as Weapons, and Armor, Charms, etc.

Online, I'm not that high of a level, only level 116, but I'm not rich in the game so gear is a problem for me. Most my mercs are under 110 so I still run darkest gear and divine gear. Trying to lv up and gear up and maybe compete in a few titans in the future. I use charm on all my mercs just because they help me when I use smoke bomb and silence because at my level, I would miss a lot, so charms are helpful.

How do you level up?

I used to just Free League but because I'm trying to come back to this game, and I want to go back to this competition next year I'm trying to level up again. Just do Quest, Daily, and individual dungeon and you should level up in no time.

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