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Reminder: Enter to win Joystiq's 'Naughty or Nice' holiday bundles

We sure hope you've entered to win the eight holiday gaming bundles we're offering as prizes in our "Naughty or Nice" sweepstakes -- which, by the way, you can submit entries into once every day. If ludicrous piles of free games (or South Africa-based alien romps) aren't really up your alley, that's just fine. However, you need to appreciate the fact that we could have easily just wrapped this stuff up, placed it undertree, and given it to friends and family as Christmas presents. The money we would've saved as a result could've financed a personal spa tour of Cabo San Lucas.

Check out our giveaway hub to see all the highly giftable loot, as well as the rules, regulations and obligatory legal mumbo-jumbo.

Update: Just to clear up any confusion, you'll need to comment on the actual giveaway posts to be eligible. This post's just a friendly reminder! See, it says so in the headline!

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