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Perfect World Entertainment asks you to "find the hero in foo" with upcoming MMO

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Perfect World Entertainment has announced an upcoming free-to-play MMO, and it looks to be crafted by a team with a delightful sense of humor. (This is almost certainly thanks in part to guest writer Devin Grayson) Kung Foo! describes itself as "a fun MMO that parodies everything from Kung-Fu movies to game shows." and urges you to "embrace the foo in you."

We'll skip the "I pity the foo" jokes and just say that this game does not look like your standard hastily-churned-out, manga-style free-to-play MMO. With promises of things like "needy and ungrateful NPCs by the truck load" and "100% rat reduction in lowbie zones," Kung Foo! seems to offer a game that offers all of the standard MMO fare with a humorous twist. Whether it be PvP, mounts, crafting, pets, or extensive character customization, Kung Foo! seems to have covered all the bases at first glance.

Take a look at the teaser trailer after the jump and see if you agree that Kung Foo! is worth a look.

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