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Pop-Block uncovers Arkham 2 teaser's mysteries


During the most recent Spike VGAs, we were treated to a teaserific Batman Arkham Asylum 2 trailer from the folks at Rocksteady Studios. Lo and behold, the teaser contained far more info that our time-constrained brains could catch during the game's unveiling -- info later picked up on by's Pop-Block (found after the break).

Did you spot the Penguin's famous Iceberg Lounge around the :43 mark? How about the fact that Joker's control center resides on the upper floor of a Roman Sionis-owned (aka "Black Mask") building? And look, if you caught the black cat stalking the bedlam of the street from an overlooking catwalk (which Pop-Block postulates is a Catwoman reference), we're downright impressed. If only you could apply that kind of focus and attention to your schoolwork, young man!

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