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Android's Device Dashboard offers version distribution insight, pity for users still on 1.1

Chris Ziegler

Google's Android team has released a cool new site to help developers keep tabs on the distribution of the platform's various versions, something that's going to become increasingly important as it continues to splinter across manufacturers and countless devices, specs, and capabilities. The Device Dashboard is presently showing that 1.6 (Donut, if you recall correctly) owns the lion's share of the market, but 1.5 Cupcake is still contributing 27.7 percent to the mix -- thanks largely to the Hero, we suspect. 2.0.1, only available in wide distribution on the Droid at this point, owns another 14.8 percent, but you can bet this whole pie is going to drastically repaint itself countless times in 2010 -- and each version brings different bullet points to the table, which means devs are going to be facing tough choices deciding what to target. It may never have Apple-style hardware and software uniformity, but at least stuff like this'll help app shops make more informed decisions as they push out products.

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