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Elan g! home automation system is heavy on hype, light on details

Vlad Savov

Home automation and multiroom A/V remote controls might still be a relatively niche and nascent segment of the electronics market, but that hasn't stopped Elan from proclaiming its new g! series to be groundbreaking. Then again, its software includes irrigation controls, so what do we know -- maybe the company's talking literally. Building on the software legacy of HomeLogic, the interface is said to be consistent across all platforms, which include an OLED display as part of the hardware package, as well as iPhone, PC and TV integration for a truly flexible control scheme. In terms of pricing, this is aimed at competing with Control4 setups, and we're told that a "decent" multiroom system could be had for $5,000. Full details are set to be unveiled on January 1, which should give you enough time to decide if you can continue living with an un-automated pool.

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