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PSP-4000 accidentally leaked in print ad over the weekend?


What's this, then? MCV, a British games industry publication, has run an ad for Little Big Planet game accessories that boasts among its many compelling features compatibility with the PSP-4000. Of course, there is no PSP-4000, but you have to admit -- this is more than a simple typo. When asked what the dilly was, a rep from Accessories 4 Gamers told Negative Gamer that it was merely a simple "mistake." Sure, but the questions still remain: was it a mistake because the PSP-4000 doesn't yet exist? You see, we've definitely heard otherwise. Or was this a mistake because you accidentally spilled the beans on some top secret new handheld game console? If that's the case, you might want to contact us with the details. We won't tell anyone -- promise.

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