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Capcom game delays cause lowered 2009 sales forecast


Unsurprisingly, in the announcement of delays of several games out of Q1 2010, Capcom also lowered its financial forecast for that period (which is its fiscal Q4), and for the fiscal year as a whole. The publisher adjusted its expected net sales for the year from ¥95 billion ($1.04 billion) to ¥65 billion ($711.62 million) as a result.

In addition, the company is posting a "special loss" of 4.5 billion yen, associated with the costs of restructuring its businesses -- a move that mostly involved changes in the company's pachinko operations in Japan. Capcom closed two arcades, and plans to downsize its pachinko and arcade businesses to put more resources into home video games.

Source - Presentation Material of Forecast Revisions and Plan for the Next Fiscal Year (PDF link)
Source - Capcom Announces Special Loss and Forecast Revision

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