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Further explanation for Icecrown's delayed gating

Alex Ziebart

Most everyone was a bit perturbed when we discovered that it would be 28 whole days before the new wing of Icecrown opens up (though we've since learned it's just going to open whenever Blizzard flips the switch.) Even the explanation from Blizzard that only the first gate will be this long of a wait due to the holidays didn't calm everyone down. Raiders have been waiting a long time for this! We weathered Trial of the (Grand) Crusader for long enough, right? And this showdown has been a decade in the making! You can't just give us the first wing and cut us off like that. You're a tease of the worst sort, Blizzard!

Personally, it wasn't until I noticed there was an in-game, story-based reason for this extra long delay that I came to accept it. At least, there's justification if you play Alliance. Admittedly, I don't know the Horde side of this. But regardless, if you've beaten Deathbringer Saurfang or read the linked post above, you might remember this line from Muradin: "I've brought in the best gnomes we've got to get those doors open."

Now, you might be expecting a "teehee gnomes" joke out of me here, but no. This goes far deeper than that. If you stick around long enough to see the Alliance take command over the Deathbringer's Rise, you might notice that there's actually only one gnome that shows up. Yes, it's that determined grimace up above, wearing a stylish vest and wielding an oddly shaped frying pan with two dimensional fried eggs glued to it. That is, apparently, Muradin's best gnome. It is his only gnome. He only brought one. It is up to frying pan man to get us through that huge saronite door.

I think the ol' dwarf is being optimistic when he says 28 days, which might be why the counter hasn't gone down since the day patch 3.3 launched.

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