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Game Arts' 'The Magic Obelisk' for WiiWare emerges from shadow next week


Game Arts announced that its original WiiWare action game, The Magic Obelisk, will be available on the North American Wii Shop next Monday, December 28, for 500 Wii Points. The game, released in Japan as Shadow Walker: Boy of Shadow, Fairy of Light, stars a tree spirit named Lukus, who travels the world in search of the most beneficial place to turn into a tree, and a light spirit named Popo, who uses his ability to create the shadows Lukus requires to move.

Game Arts got its Wii experience through the co-development of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the subsequent creation of TMNT Smash-Up, but the developer is better known as the creator of the Lunar and Grandia RPG series, as well as the shooters Thexder and Slipheed. In the announcement of the North American date, Game Arts president Kazuki Morishita called The Magic Obelisk "a game that has been truly a labor of love for us."

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