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Patch 10.6 for Planet Calypso brings item enhancements and a new critter


The hybrid virtual world / MMORPG Planet Calypso has recently leveled up to version 10.6 and has introduced the brand new system of item enhancement to the game as well as the winner of a community contest.

Item enhancement is very much like it sounds -- a way to upgrade and customize your weapons and armors -- but it works more like an item leveling system than a crafting component. As players use items, they will now rank up into tiers. Tiers upgrade the item itself, but they also unlock spaces on the weapon called sockets. Players can add connectors onto the sockets to further customize the item's statistics, but be careful! Connectors can break during the use of an item, but they can be stacked to minimize damage.

Also, the large Proteron has made an appearance on the planet! The creature is the result of the community "Create-A-Critter" contest, so congratulations are in order for Apsara Sofia Rozenkreutz! Congratulations!

For all of the patch note goodness, check it out on the main site.

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