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Poor customer service earns DirecTV a lawsuit in Washington State

Ben Drawbaugh

It isn't hard to find someone that has at one time or another felt deceived by a big corporation -- which is why the bank commercial with the pony is so funny -- but usually consumers don't elevate the issue to the court system. Evidently there have been so many reports of deception by DirecTV that the Attorney General in Washington State has filed a suit against the nations largest DBS provider because it has "built deception into their business model." We have to say that this doesn't come as much of a shock to us as we've taken more than a few punches at DirecTV's PR department for making claims that were so outlandish that we could see where one might argue they were down right lies. In this particular case, most of the issues are around billing and commitments and while we agree that some of them seem underhanded, we're sad to say it is pretty much par for the corporate America course. So in other words don't sign anything without reading the small print first.

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