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Ubisoft aiming for Japanese market, considering traditional RPG


French publisher Ubisoft is looking to expand in Japan. In an interview with Famitsu (translation by 1UP), Ubi Executive Director Alain Corre discussed the strategy of dealing with the region, stating that the company would like to produce "games on the same level as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest." The problem is, according to Corre, that Ubisoft has "never made any RPGs." We're guessing he means internally, otherwise Enchanted Arms is probably off crying in a corner somewhere.

Corre believes that if Ubisoft can get quality RPG-oriented developers on board, he'd "love to release one." He feels that if the company can work with Japanese developers, he's "sure [Ubisoft] can make a game that appeals to the Japanese audience." Ubisoft expects to announce what its Japanese development studios are working on in about a year. We're all for a JRPG starring the Rabbids.

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