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Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition to violently hug your face

It's official -- the new trend for video game special editions is the inclusion of things to put right on your face. For Modern Warfare 2, it was the ever-practical night-vision goggles. For Halo 3, it was a Spartan helmet, which offered cranial protection to the small-of-head. The Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition, which was announced for Europe earlier this month but confirmed for a U.S. release earlier today, includes one of the franchise's "facehugger" aliens, which ... well, we bet it serves some utility as well.

For instance, say you've had a really large, luxurious beard for most of your life, then for circumstances beyond your control, you have to shave it. Your face will be so cold and lonely -- but not once it knows the fleshy embrace of the facehugger's unrelenting grasp. Oh, there's other stuff in the special edition too, such as a graphic novel, four extra multiplayer maps and a Weyland Yutani sleeve badge -- but can these bonuses comfort your recently shorn visage? No, they cannot. Check past the jump for the full image of the bundle.

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