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Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment: What happened to SGW?

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Fans have been waiting for the Stargate:Worlds MMO for what feels like forever, and a few weeks ago got a surprise in the form of a Stargate shooter instead of any more news on the MMO. We got a brief explanation on the reasoning behind this, but Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment covered things in a bit more detail yesterday. The CME team took some time to discuss Stargate:Resistance with fansite GateWorld, and also talked quite a bit about the decision to shelf Stargate:Worlds for the time being.

As producer Kathryn Dutchin pointed out the answer isn't a cut-and-dried, single-sentence explanation. When a long-running, extensive project like Stargate:Worlds begins to run into trouble, there are a lot of decisions to be made, questions to be answered, and problems to be sorted out, and it takes time. The ultimate goal is obviously to complete the project as originally intended, but there comes a point where the team is forced to say "This isn't going to happen. What next?"

"What next" in this case is Stargate: Resistance, but we'll wish CME the best of luck and continue keeping our fingers crossed for that MMO. The full interview is a must read for fans of either game, and can be found here.

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