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Motorola Droid now just a (hacked) firmware update away from WiFi tethering

Tim Stevens

Add one more item to the "Droid does" column -- unofficially, at least. WiFi tethering from Motorola's hottest is now possible straight from the phone itself, over WiFi even. PDANet already enabled the thing to share its connection, but relies on an external driver installed on a Windows or Mac device. This latest fix does away with that, but does require the installation of a hacked version of the 2.0.1 firmware. The process, laid out at the read link by user webacoustics, doesn't sound that bad, but warnings like "if your phone stays at the white Motorola logo for longer than a minute or two, you probably bricked [it]" will leave many users sticking with PDANet or waiting for the official Verizon solution -- and paying out the nose for it.

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