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Steam holiday sale is a legitimate Christmas miracle

We know we throw the term around quite a bit, but seriously, folks -- "Christmas miracle" is the only way we can explain what's happened to the prices on over 800 games on the Steam storefront. It's like a "Greatest Hits" special of Steam's best sales throughout the year: There are sizable discounts on games from every genre, encheapened bundles of games from a dozen different publishers (including Square Enix and Telltale), and even five super-discounted daily offers (today it's Mirror's Edge, GTA IV and more)!

You simply must go check this sale out if your bank account hasn't been completely obliterated by the holiday shopping rush. Considering the wide, wide scope of the discounts offered, we'd be worried that this was a "Going Out of Business" sale -- a circumstance made entirely unlikely by the amount of monies we've spent on these nefarious Steam sales this year.

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