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Bell launches visual voicemail on BlackBerry, but it isn't cheap

Chris Ziegler

Just how badly do you want an alternative to pressing and holding the "1" key? With Canada's Bell, you'd better want it pretty badly -- because its new visual voicemail service for BlackBerry devices isn't going to be cheap. The service is available with pretty much every modern BlackBerry, ranging from the older 8830 and Pearl 8130 to the most modern models like the Bold 9700 -- and as you might notice from that model range, it also spans both Bell's CDMA and HSPA networks. Here's where it gets tricky, though: it runs a stout CAD $8 (about $7.65) a month, which is a good deal more than the $2.99 Verizon charges for a similar setup. Obviously it's not much a difference, but it feels like $2.99 is below some magical psychological barrier where no serious mulling occurs; $8, though -- that's a different story.

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