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3D gaming is now big enough for its own summit


Spinning off of the annual 3D Entertainment Summit, Unicomm announced intentions late last week to launch the "3D Gaming Summit" in April 2010. Headed up by former head of the Hollywood Reporter Bob Dowling and Connecticut-based event management company Unicomm, the two-day event is set for April 21 and 22 at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles. According to a press release issued by Unicomm, the summit's aim is to "attract the brightest minds in the gaming industry" and "define the market opportunity for 3D stereoscopic gaming and entertainment."

"Consumers are leading the way to pervasive 3D entertainment," commented Unicomm CEO John Golicz, lest we forget that 40 million of us will have the new technology within the next four years (there might even be something in your house capable of 3D film viewing right this minute!). Though the release didn't specify any major gaming publishers or developers signed on for the event, it noted that "key sponsors" will help to "highlight 3D gaming technology." We might still be skeptical, but after what we saw last year at CES from Sony, and our recent IMAX 3D experience with James Cameron's Avatar, we're (at very least) interested in what 3D tech in gaming has to offer.

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