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Godswar Online offers gifts for their new server

While Godswar Online may not be one of the more commonly known names in the F2P world, they seem to be doing fairly well for a cute, fun free-to-play title. Apparently there are enough people playing that they've had to open up a brand new server -- their twenty-second -- and are calling it Iris. As a bonus for those who are interested, players who start their adventures on Iris will be given a special "Newbie Gift Package" for free. Each package includes goodies like health, mana, and experience bonus potions as well as other starting tools and items that will help a new player to Godswar Online out.

Aside from that, they've also started a contest to tempt some veteran players (or perhaps new and hardcore) to Iris as well. The idea is this: if players can reach level 70 within the first 7 days of logging on, they'll be given a gift of 3,000 E-Gold (currently worth $16.50 USD) to spend however they like in the Godswar Online store. Between these two giveaways and their Christmas Egg Crack event going on until the 30th, it sounds like a festive and fun time for their players. If you haven't had a chance to see Godswar Online, we have a handful of screenshots from their shiny new server for you to check out.

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