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BBC HD faces claims of HDLite after slashing bitrate


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Even on this side of the Atlantic, we've been hearing complaints about a supposed drop in HD quality from the BBC over the last few months. After installing new encoders in August, the broadcaster slashed its bitrate and viewers have since complained about a variety of PQ issues. Of course the Beeb claims its new hardware is capable of delivering similar quality while saving bandwidth when it went to replace old, out of date technology. In the last few days it's received a bit of a boost, as consumer watchdogs Which? went to the tape, comparing earlier recordings from BBC HD with live broadcasts over Sky and Freesat, claiming any difference between new and old is "tiny, and smaller than the existing differences between any two HD programmes filmed in a studio or on location." Only time will tell if that is enough to calm the commenters on BBC's blogs calling for a return to the old, if your Top Gear and Doctor Who watching has been affected, let us know.

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