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CNBC to air 'Planet of the Apps' on January 7


I was just watching CNBC and saw a commercial for a special called "Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution!" The one-hour program looks at how the launch of the Apple iPhone in June of 2007 gave birth to a revolution in mobile technology. The main site lists some highlight from the show, including a piece on Heroes actor Greg Grunberg and his "second job" as an app developer (he's one of the people behind the Yowza! app). From the press release:

Apps are everywhere. In less than two years, the app craze has taken over. These small applications – or apps – that fit on our mobile phone do everything from helping us accomplish mundane tasks to keeping us entertained while we wait for the bus.

Apps are popular and profitable. Studies estimate, the Apple iPhone apps store alone generates about $200 million a month in sales. Innovative and often addictive apps are changing the way we work and live.

Welcome to Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution. In this hour we'll look at how apps have changed our lives, meet some of the creators behind them, and figure out just how big a business they really are.
CNBC's "Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution!" will premiere on Thursday, January 7th at 10PM, and repeats at 1AM. No comment on the cleverness of the show's title, or lack thereof.

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