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Love counts down to the launch of beta, account holders play free


While everyone's off enjoying the holidays, there's no rest for Eskil Steenberg. The one man of the one-man-MMO team is working hard though the holidays, putting together 26 major new features for the introduction of the Love beta test.

While the features are secret, Eskil is updating his Twitter account with information on the new features as he completes them. Once all 26 items are done, Eskil will be updating Love and sending the game into beta. Currently the features look quite interesting -- such as new specialized settlements, sound pathing for the game, letting the game's AI use teleporter guns, a new building type (prisons), and something that is only referred to as "armageddon." Whatever the heck armageddeon is, it sounds awesome.

If you've been an account holder for Love as of December 12th, then you should also rejoice in the advent of free gameplay. Eskil has removed the account timer from the server, as he doesn't feel right charging for the game while he's working on the beta update. The account timer will click back on once the beta is complete and launched. So, jump in and play, and cheer Eskil on as he counts down to beta!

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