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Rocksteady: publishers fully backed Batman: Arkham Asylum delay

Justin McElroy

Boy, Rocksteady has WAY better bosses than we do. When we say we need two more months to finish a post, our higher-ups open a whole barrel of complaints: "There's no way it could take you that long to write a post," or, "It won't be anywhere near relevant anymore." We've heard them all. But when Rocksteady said it needed two more months for Batman: Arkham Asylum, pushing the release from June to August, it was apparently backed completely by the game's publishers, Eidos and Warner Bros.

Speaking with Kotaku, game director Sefton Hill said the secret is to have "confidence in the game" and "be able to show that [added] time is going to be well spent."

So, in closing, we'd like to tell AOL that we're confident the extra five months we're spending on that PS3 Slim rumor post you asked about will be well spent. Thank you.

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