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Command and Conquer coming to 'new medium' in 2010


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The above image could mean a lot of things: that life is fleeting, that every day brings a new challenge, or that maybe you should cancel those plans to visit the Palace of Westminster next year. But according to the official Command & Conquer 4 website, it only means one thing: the RTS series is coming to a brand new medium in 2010, "never created for the C&C franchise before, until now." The image above is a sneak peek, the site says, but doesn't give us anything more than that.

Four color us crazy, but we look at the intricate chiaroscuro, inking, and shading above, and the words "comic book" jump to mind. But maybe that's too obvious. We'll be happy to follow C&C into whatever new medium it has planned, as long as it brings Tricia Helfer along.

[Via Blue's News]

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