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It came from the Blog: Winter Veil event


The Feast of Winter Veil ends on Saturday, but we still haven't had our It came from the Blog event. Let's remedy that tomorrow:
  • When: 11:00pm EST (8pm PST, 9pm Server) December 30, 2009
  • Where: In front of Silvermoon on the Zangarmarsh realm (US)
  • Who: Any level Horde character (bring your highest level for the most fun)
  • What: We will be harvesting eggs, baking cookies, kissing strangers under the mistletoe as well other holiday festivities.
  • How: Ask any It came from the Blog Lurker or Robinator for an invite to the guild
We will have extra eggs. So if you miss the bird-bashing in Silvermoon, we'll meet you in Orgrimmar for the bribing of Greatfather Winter.

Questions? We answer most of them in our FAQ.

See ya there!

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