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NCsoft sings a familiar tune with Aion security warnings

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you've been watching the increasingly insistent security warnings from NCsoft in the Aion community, your first reaction is probably to assume that it's another round of hackings a la Guild Wars. Don't be so quick to jump to that conclusion however, because while the warnings are pretty familiar this is a bit of a different situation.

With Aion's recent huge (and sometimes hilarious) push to ban gold sellers, the RMT traders are looking for new ways to make a (dis)honest living. And they're starting with some pretty official-looking phishing attempts in-game. Aion Support Tweeted a warning a while back, and Andrew "Tamat" Beegle echoed the sentiment last night, pointing back to the security warnings on the main site.

Unfortunately, gold sellers are persistent. And while it's a relief not to have them hanging around in game anymore, they didn't decide to step away from their computers and find a different way to make a living, they just changed tactics. So let's be careful out there.

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