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Philips SA075 officially launched in Beijing, spotted in the wild

Darren Murph

Hard to say exactly how many Earthlings (and Martians, for that matter) are jazzed about Philips' forthcoming SA075 PMP, but it looks as if the wait for a ship date is drawing to a close. Over in Beijing, the player was recently showcased at a product launch party, and while a stateside release still hasn't been talked about, it was confirmed that the HD playback will be capped at 720p (and not 1080p, as the unicorns and elves were hoping for). We're also told that the display will boast an 800 x 480 resolution, an HDMI output will be onboard and at least a few gigabytes of storage will be included. Riveting, no?

[Thanks, Gavin]

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