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Remo humanoid hobby robot now available, wherever adorably creepy gifts are sold

Laura June

We've always wanted a really solid humanoid robot of our very own. Remo, a hobby bot recently released in Japan -- who boasts two arms and legs and seems to be about the size of a Good Guy doll -- could perfectly fit that bill. He's got pressure sensors in his feet to help out his balance, two sensors in his "eye" section (with two color CCD cameras for image processing), and Bluetooth connectivity for communication with your PC. He also comes with the expressive faceplate you see in the photo -- which should definitely keep your nieces and nephews from trying to touch him, anyway. Remo is available in Japan now, but something of this quality is, as you may have guessed, not cheap: he'll run you ¥399,999 (about $4,400).

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