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The glamorous life of a game developer

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

As we all know, being a game developer is the pinnacle of wealth and glamor. Women chase you, men want to be you, and the money just rolls in by the wheelbarrow. Cypress Hill even wrote a song about it.

Oh, wait, no. The other thing. Brian "Psychochild" Green treated us to an informative (and very entertaining) look at the life of a game dev, straight from the source in his latest blog post. He includes the aforementioned Cypress Hill song, and he's pretty honest: the likelihood is that the big bucks probably won't be rolling in, big time fame is a faraway dream, you've got to pay your dues and work your way up from the bottom, and every random guy who happens across your game and does not do your job thinks he can do it better (and they are more than happy to tell you about that in great detail.)

So why even bother? The answer is obvious: to create games for a living -- getting paid to do what you would happily do for free -- is an up that more than outweighs any down the industry can throw at you. Check out the full entry on Psychochild's Blog.

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